Kilns & Furniture


The kiln is a very important part of your business and the most expensive item. The ability to use your kiln effectively is vital to successful firing. Rachel will teach you how to load & set up the firing programme and how to maintain your kiln.

We offer 4 different kiln sizes 48, 93, 140 and 196 litres. The 48 litre kiln is our smallest kiln and is a plug-in model, which will save you the cost of having your kiln wired in.

The 48 and 93 litre kilns are suitable for home use and the larger 2 for the business environment. The 196 and 140 come with a choice of Single Phase or 3 Phase power supply. All our kilns come equipped with kiln furniture.

Orton Vent Master Kiln Vents are available for £200 if factory fitted on manufacture, or it can be fitted at a later stage for £250.The vent makes your firing odorless and allows the kiln to cool a little faster. It helps achieve perfection in your glass as it keeps the air inside the kiln pure.

We have sourced one of the best kiln ranges on the market today which has a number of very significant features not offered by other manufacturers. Cone Art Tucker Kilns are a long established company and have focused on producing the ultimate “Hobby” kiln, with more efficiency, more accuracy and more flexibility thus giving you better performance than any other kiln available today.

We also stock a small and medium microwave kiln. Please visit our online store to purchase any of our kilns and other rustic furniture at home.

Enamel signs can make a great gift for a family member or close friends. It is showing that has a lot of effort and craftsmanship put into it. Of course you will want to go with something which has a class and tradition attached to it. For this reason, we recommend Ramsign French House numbers, which are the industry leader in French house numbers & signs. You can rest assured that you are protected by a money back guarantee.  All of them are completely hand made. Read their blog for more details.

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